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Discover the types of insurance offered by the insured company Ges

Home Insurance

GesHogar, insurance adapted to your needs

Car Insurance

GesAuto, better protection for your vehicle

Motorcycle insurance

GesMoto, insurance for your motorcycle without unforeseen events

Health insurance

GESALUD, the health insurance that adapts to the person

Life insurance

VidaGes, live in peace and secure your future and that of your family

Savings and investment

Security and profitability of your money with Ges Seguros

Business insurance

Ges insurance adapted to any type of business

Discover Siempre Cerca | Ges Insurance

Independent Company

+90 years of experience

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Get to know Ges Seguros San Pedro Alcántara

We have been insurance agents since 1992, we are in San Pedro Alcántara, a second-generation family business, with more than 3,000 clients. We are characterized by our professionalism, and our customer service, we are accessible, we speak clearly and always with the vocation to help our customers.

Put your trust in us advising you on how to save your assets and your life from the unforeseen events that may come. We have personnel and means so that you only think and make an effort in your work and in your personal life.

Personalized Advice

In such a specialized and complex world, leave it to us to advise you and give you the insurance solutions for your company.

We have the minimum commitment to visit you once a year and have a personal interview so that everything is correct.

Why hire San Pedro Alcántara Insurance?

Given the current situation in which we live, it is necessary to have the support of a professional group that can cover the different contingencies that prevent the full development of our day to day. At Seguros San Pedro Alcántara we try to seek the safety of our clients through the different coverages and services that we offer.

We have extensive experience that endorses us as the perfect solution to insure each and every one of the most valuable aspects for companies or individuals. From home to car or life insurance, we have a perfect plan for each client.

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Customer Testimonials

Excelente Asesoramiento de Abel!! Cada vez que teníamos algún problema , nos atendía a l brevedad y nos gestionaba todas las incidencias en el momento ! Gracias
Avatar Usuario

Marina imagen

Unos grandes profesionales. Siempre están a tu lado, especialmente cuando surge un siniestralidad y otros se quitan de en medio o te ponen pegas. Confianza 100%
Avatar Usuario

Jesús Durá Fernandez

Muy buen asesoramiento ,agilidad en el proceso y soluciones rápidas
Isabel Muñoz

Isabel Muñoz