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Feel safe throughout your life, no matter how old you are, with GES life insurance. Live in peace with GES Seguros.

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Life insurance coverage you need

Coverages included

Discover the life policy and the coverage included in our insurance:
  • Death guarantee: a way to guarantee the economy to your family.
  • Advance of the capital: possibility of advancing the capital due to death for burial expenses or taxes.
  • Faster management of procedures: document management and legal advice by telephone.
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Optional insurance guarantees

  • Absolute and permanent disability.
  • Total and permanent professional disability.
  • Death due to an accident.
  • Death in traffic accident.
  • Absolute and permanent disability due to accident.
  • Absolute and permanent disability due to traffic accident.
  • Diagnosis of breast and prostate cancer.

Advantages of GES Life insurance

Personalized advice

Our advisors help you at all times.


9% non-smoker | 9% insurance together with spouse | 14% spouse policy + minor children.

Coverage age

You can take out insurance up to the age of 60.

Hospital complement

Hospitalization coverage can be added as a supplement.