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Discover the insurance for your car from GES Seguros. Enjoy your fully personalized policy and protect yourself and your car at the hands of professionals.

Seguro de coche GES Seguros

Types of car insurance GES Seguros

Comfort insurance for third parties

Best price.

Necessary coverages.

Seguro confort max a terceros

The same coverage of third-party comfort insurance + glass coverage.

Excel Third Party Comfort Policy

Comprehensive insurance that includes coverage for windows, theft and fire.

Comprehensive insurance

Complete protection for the person.

Complete vehicle protection.

We have different types of franchises.

Also available without excess.

Insurance other vehicles

Insurance for other vehicles such as:

Industrial type vehicles.



Differences between GES car insurance

Experiencia Ges Seguros
comparativa seguros coche

Advantages of GES insurance for vehicles

Adapted insurance

Replacement Car

Firefighting expenses

Notice of fines

Personalized advice

Urgent repairs

Premium service workshops

Compensation for damage to animals

The best price, guaranteed

Travel assistance

Claim of Fines

Lawyer Expenses