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Personalized health insurance GES Seguros. Discover the different modalities and choose the policy that best suits what you and your family need.

Seguros de salud Ges Seguros

Types of Health Insurance GES Seguros


Very complete health insurance with all the necessary coverage. Copayment only applies from the tenth medical service.


Health insurance for outpatient care.

GES Health insurance coverage

Experiencia Ges Seguros
  • Primary care: Nursing (in consultation and home emergency), family medicine, pediatrics (up to 16 years).
  • Emergencies.
  • Medical specialties: 28 medical specialties such as gynecology, cardiology…
  • Means of diagnosis: some of the following means are included, such as clinical analysis, endoscopy, nuclear medicine, means for cardiology…
  • Hospitalization and surgical intervention in those concerted centers.
  • Other services such as prosthetics, midwife service… Subject to insurance conditions.
  • Special treatments such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy…
  • Travel assistance valid throughout the world and in Spain within 25 km outside the home province.
  • Aesthetic service and wellness.
  • Dentist service.
  • Second international medical opinion.
  • Medical service by telephone.
  • Telephone advisory service.

Advantages of GES Health insurance

Adapted insurance

Includes dental insurance

Dental coverage is included in the policy. With free services and discounts on others.

Beauty and wellness service

Specialized aesthetic services with special discounts.

Personalized advice

24 hour psychological care

Call by a psychologist in a personalized way to carry out a free evaluation.

Second international medical opinion

Includes another diagnosis for a second opinion due to illness with a specialist.

The best price, guaranteed

Travel assistance

Assistance abroad with a policy of up to €12,000 of annual coverage.