comprar una vivienda en un país extranjero

Why should you insure your home in Spain?

When buying a home in a foreign country, and in this case in Spain, certain precautions must be taken, one of which is home insurance. Insurance in Spain may be different from countries like England, Holland, France, among others. The important thing to start with is to find someone to advise you throughout the process. We have been advising clients throughout the Costa del Sol and many other places in the country for more than 30 years.

Reasons to buy a home in a foreign country

We are going to focus in this first article on some issues that you should know.

Insurance offered by banks

Do not trust the insurance offered by banks, not because they are usually more expensive, but because they give a lousy service.

Community insurance

Even if you have insurance, the community does not mean that you should not insure your home. You should bear in mind that community insurance usually only covers basic fire damage and not all parts of the home in question. In the same way, they only insure the community pipes but almost never the private pipes of the property.

Community insurance is very basic. For this reason, you will have to insure your continent, because it may be the case that the community insurance is not in force for various reasons and you do not have to take that risk.

Obviously, its content must be quantified and you must tell your insurance agent the value of everything you have inside your home, such as the kitchen, furniture, decoration, clothing, etc. And list the items that exceed more than 4000 euros unitarily. Regarding jewelry, you must specify what jewelry you want to insure and if it will be kept in a safe (it is very important that the box weighs more than 100 kg or is built into the wall) or outside of these. In this case you will have to have security measures to have a good price.

It is advisable to take out home insurance

In Spain, home insurance is not mandatory by law, but it is highly advisable that you have it contracted for your peace of mind.

If you need advice, you can contact us and we will help you.

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