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Recommendations to hire or review your insurance policies

Before you read on, we want to warn you that we dont have  the intention to sell you any type of insurance. Not much less! We are simply going or I am going to try to make you take a moment to reflect and think about what you intend to explain to yourself regarding the world of insurance.

After so many years dedicating myself to the insurance sector (more than 22 years), today, I continue to be surprised by how little knowledge we have of everything related to insurance policies.

It’s surprising that most people don’t know how to fill out a simple, friendly accident report, but we do not know basic concepts such as policyholder, insurance, content, container, etc. among other topics. In addition, we have the habit of making a policy and not updating it and in many cases they are outdated because our circumstances have changed.

Why are insurance policies important?

Our world as we know it could not exist without insurance. The more industrialized a country is, the more everything related to this activity is developed and, nowadays, we cannot circulate without compulsory insurance, nor can we go hunting without specific insurance or without civil liability insurance when they give us a opening license, for example. There are many compulsory insurances and they increase every day.

Of course I recognize the bad reputation that insurance has, but it is preceded, in large part, by the little knowledge we have of them. They are contracts and as such, they conform to the definition, clauses… etc. It is true, they are complex, and for this reason we cannot enter into laziness and pay adequate attention to it.

I want to ask you a question: How much time do you spend learning about your contracted policies? It is only the employer’s obligation to look at his policies and no one else’s, all the time he invests in this matter will take away countless headaches. Think that you are working on your business all day, that you have a large part of your assets invested in it, and if an unfortunate event were to happen tomorrow, it could even cause the company to close.

I beg you to make the decision to see your policies and make an appointment with a professional, with your insurance agent or broker, in case of what you have in the bank, I recommend that you also call a specialist, check if they have coverage your needs, check the insured capital and coverage. Every time your business undergoes changes (increase in staff, increase or decrease in billing, changes in stock, among others) talk to your agent or broker. And, once a year, check with your advisor that everything is correct.

Because if we take a car to review every year, how are we not going to check that our patrimony are safe? I can assure you that you will sleep more peacefully and if I do this, it will be more difficult for the insurance company to pay you less in a claim than your share.

We help you with your insurance policies

For our part we will be happy to advise you on everything you need. We have been in San Pedro Alcántara for more than 30 years and we are exclusive agents of Seguros Ges. We are serious and professional, and we will be happy to visit you or assist you in our facilities.

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